Wood Picket Fences

Precision Fenceworks is your source for the many different styles of wood picket fences. Nothing says home like a wood picket fence and Precision Fenceworks is an expert in installing them. We purchase only Georgia wood products so that we know you are getting the best materials on the market.

Sometimes you want security but you don’t need or want the privacy that comes with a panel or a solid wood fence. Sometimes you want just a peek out or a peek in. Precision Fenceworks can help you to make the right choice for your property and your needs.

Precision Fenceworks installs all of its wood picket fences on-site so that we may take into account the variance in the land elevations and so that we can create a fence that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but always functional. We have so many styles from which to choose it may be hard to make a choice.

the hancock wood fence

Wood Picket Fence Variations

Precision Fenceworks has years of experience in designing and installing all types of wood fences, and we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. We also work to get you the best price on your wood fence without shorting you on quality. Having an experienced company and experienced installers helps reduce installation time and costs for our customers. When it comes to wood fences, Precision Fenceworks is the leader in northeast Georgia and surrounding areas.

the brookhaven wood fence

The Brookhaven

the grady wood fence

The Grady

the barnett wood fence

The Barnett

the baxley wood fence

The Baxley

the chamblee wood fence

The Chamblee

the lenox wood fence

The Lenox

the caldwell wood fence

The Caldwell

the canton wood fence

The Canton

the hancock wood fence

The Hancock

the jackson wood fence

The Jackson

the morganton wood fence

The Morganton

the lexington wood fence

The Lexington

the mcdonough wood fence

The McDonough

the monroe wood fence

The Monroe

the montgomery wood fence

The Montgomery

the piedmont wood fence

The Piedmont

The Royston Wood Fence

The Royston

the sumter wood fencing2

The Sumter

Picket Privacy Styles

Wood fences are among the most commonly sought after fence options for homeowners. Wood fences are usually less expensive than other materials and offer a unique and natural finish that compliments landscaping and the natural colors and textures of your yard. At Precision Fenceworks, you get yo choose the flavor of your fence based on needs, styles, and budget. Tightly spaced wood picket fences offer more privacy and a better boundary for pets and animals. Loosely spaced wood picket fences offer a little more style and visibility. Whatever your needs and your flavor, we listen to help you get the fence you want and need.

Like with all Precision Fenceworks fences, we can adapt the picket fence to keep your precious family pets inside the property while still having the picket fence you desire. We set our posts in Quick-Rok™ a fast-setting hydraulic cement that ensures your fence posts will stay put. Our expert installation team is your best insurance for a long-lasting wood picket fence that looks years from now as good as the day it was installed. Trust Precision Fenceworks, Georgia’s first choice for your fencing needs.

We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now. Our advice is free!

At Precision Fenceworks we will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect vinyl fence for your property and install it. We service the Southeast Georgia areas like Atlanta GA, Athens GA, Augusta GA, Gainesville GA, Lawrencville GA and many more.

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