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Precision Fenceworks owners and installers are dog lovers and we understand you need to keep your beloved four-legged family member safe from harm while at the same time providing your pet its space and its needed privacy, or, a view onto the world. As a homeowner, you also want to maintain the attractiveness and value of your home. Precision Fenceworks understands your needs and we have the expertise and fencing products to satisfy even the most picky pet owner.

At Precision Fenceworks, You Have Options.

Precision Fenceworks will help you to make the best decision for your current pet and for any future pets you may add to your family. At Precision Fenceworks we focus on your budget first then fence styles, and the needs, size and breed of your dog. We only install pet-friendly fencing – there are no underground wires – and we help you to decide between wood, wire, steel, and aluminum.
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Railing Options:

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Railing Fence Adds Style And Value To Your Home

At Precision Fenceworks we will discuss the many choices and the advantages of each style fence. For example, we provide a choice of picket fencing in a variety of materials that allow for bottom spacing as small as 2”- 3” for smaller dogs. We also have picket fencing that works well with larger dogs, allowing for up to 4” on standard panels. We also provide privacy fencing if this works better for you and your dog.
Precision Fenceworks dog fences, like all of our fencing products, are made with only the highest quality materials. We guarantee its durability and reliability as we know you want your fence to last for the life of your property.


While a dog needs its space and likes to patrol its own property, you need to know your dog is safe and happy. Without breaking the bank, Precision Fenceworks provides what both you and your pet need and want. Our beautiful fencing is something any homeowner will be proud to show off and with our fencing your beloved dog will remain safe and secure whether you are home or away.

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Why choose Precision Fenceworks as your Fence Contractor?

Precision Fenceworks is based in Athens and Atlanta, GA and serves the Southeast with on-site fence design and build. Our installers have more than fifteen years of experience in fence design and installation. The mission of Precision Fenceworks is to provide the highest level of quality and customer service at an affordable price.

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