Why Install a Pool Fence?

Whether you have an in-ground pool or one that is an above-ground model, protecting this investment must become one of your top priorities. That is why the addition of a swimming pool of any size will remain an incomplete project unless there is a fence around the structure.

There are two primary reasons to install a pool fence on your property right now.

  • It keeps other people and animals out of the water, potentially reducing your liability should an accident occur since someone would need to climb over the structure purposely.
  • It provides you with a feeling of safety while you swim because it becomes impossible for someone to walk up on you unexpectedly while in the water.

One of the leading causes of death for children under the age of 5 is drowning, which means most building codes require some type of fence around the pool you have on your property. Although a variety of materials are useful for this need, you must use a product that meets current guidelines – including the possible need for a self-latching gate.



Pool Fencing Options:

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Pool Fencing Adds Style And Value To Your Home

Removable mesh fencing is the only type available in the United States that is specifically made for pool safety. It is a choice to consider for some property owners who already have an exterior barrier on their property line as it can prevent young children in the family from accessing the water.

Aluminum is the recommended choice, especially if you prefer a saltwater pool for your Athens home. You will have minimal issues with corrosion without compromising the sturdy nature of the structure.

Chain link fences are an affordable choice, but even galvanized options can be prone to rust. Since this structure is easy to climb, it is usually reserved as an option for households without children.

Wood fences can be a useful structure, but they can reduce the amount of visibility you have from outside of the pool area. They can be easy to climb as well.

Vinyl fencing can be an effective option if you do not install solid panels around the pool if there are children present. When you want complete privacy for a swim and kids are not around, then you’ll experience many of the same benefits that you would receive with aluminum for a potentially lower price.



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