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Precision Fenceworks galvanized chain link fences are a durable, reliable, common-sense approach to both large and small fencing solutions. Precision Fenceworks understands that securing your property with reliable and affordable fencing is utmost in your residential property plans. Let our installation experts show you how our Galvanized Chain Link fencing can satisfy your need for security and reliability at a price you can afford.
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Galvanized Chain Link Fencing Options:

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Galvanzied Chain Link Fencing for your home and property:

Unlike other fencing companies, Precision Fenceworks Galvanized Chain Link fencing is manufactured right here in the USA. It is rated higher than other galvanized fencing products offered by our competitors because: (1) it has a zinc interior coating that keeps corrosive substances from reaching the underlying steel, (2) it has a uniform zinc galvanization after its fabrication, (3) it has a conversion coating, meaning the surface of our fencing is made more durable and long-lasting against rust through an electro-chemical process, and (4) it has a strong, clear, weather-resistant coating.

Precision Fenceworks Galvanized Chain Link fences consist of 11.5 gauge, galvanized steel chain link. The top rails and the bottom tension wires are connected by posts set every 10 ft. The larger terminal posts are set at each end or a turn and are placed on both sides of all gates. Each terminal post is set in a large hole with pre-mixed concrete and Quik-Rok, a chemically-engineered hydraulic cement that can withstand loads in excess of 10,000 psi. Quik-Rok cures quickly, it is non-shrinking and non-metallic, and it ensures your fence is going to stay where we put it and where you need it. As with all our products, Precision Fenceworks comes with a solid manufacturer’s warranty.

We are a Georgia company serving all the fencing needs of Georgia residents. You can trust Precision Fenceworks to deliver the best, most reliable product to you each and every time you need us and we guarantee each of our products and our installation. We are your local expert for all your fencing needs.


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Precision Fenceworks is based in Athens and Atlanta, GA and serves the Southeast with on-site fence design and build. Our installers have more than fifteen years of experience in fence design and installation. The mission of Precision Fenceworks is to provide the highest level of quality and customer service at an affordable price.

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